Saturday, June 25, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Swatches

Like some of you I was kind of left with a "Wait. Wha?" attitude after seeing the colors chosen for this collection. When I first found out about this collection I was excited but I didn't get too far about what I was expecting in terms of color choices. I suppose I assumed fun, bold or antiqued colors. Instead we got pastels. I like these for the colors but I wouldn't associate these with the movie. I only purchased three colors: Sparrow Me the Drama, Planks a Lot and of course Silver Shatter. I danced around the green Mermaids Tears but in person I just couldn't decide if it would be flattering on me. I didn't bother with the other lighter colors in this collection because I pretty much knew they wouldn't look good on me, even with the silver shatter.

The pictures shown are with two coats of the base colors and no top coat. I do like Sparrow Me the Drama and Planks a Lot on their own merit. They have a nice shiney finish, apply pretty evenly although when I applied Planks a Lot the brush left lines but thankfully those smoothed out on their own.

I really can't decide which color looks better with the Silver Shatter. At first I thought neither but now they're growing on me.

The Silver Shatter is definitely metallic. I'm still getting the hang of shatter/crackle nail polish. For those of you who are trying these out, I'd suggest playing with it until you get your desired effect. I like my bottom color to show quite a bit so I like bigger cracks. Sometimes I get them sometimes I don't. For my desired results you have to Goldilocks it--you have to get it juuuuuust right as in not too much and not too little. And really it depends which shatter you're working with. I may have to do a separate posts using the different shatters I have to give you a better idea. My overall advice? Just play with it and remember that even after practicing every single nail may not be perfect but in my opinion, that's the whole point.