Sunday, November 7, 2010

MAC Tartan Tale: Chapter 1 Pigments Review

Heya guys!

I wanted to share my thoughts with you, real quick, about the pigments from MAC's Tartan Tale holiday collection.

These are very gorgeous--when applied properly. I applied these with a dry brush and there was quite a bit of fallout. These pigments have a black base and when I tried to clean it up with a quick, gentle sweep of my kabuki, it made a bit of a mess. It reminded me of soot. I have some ideas to counter act the possibilities of mess.

  • Apply the pigments to your eyes first then use something like MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover or MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (obviously you can use whatever removers you like, but for those who don't know of a good makeup remover, now you have ideas). You can read about the MAC removers here.
  • Use a mixing medium. You can read more about mixing mediums . Mixing mediums are great because with one drop and a bit of pigment (or glitter or loose shadow), the consistency is like a paste and the product will adhere to your lid or where ever you are applying it. And, because the pigment has the mixing medium to hold on to, fallout is reduced or usually eliminated altogether.
I would recommend the mixing medium with these pigments for another reason.  These pigments are best applied wet.  In the pictures, I used MAC Fix+ Spray because I had it readily available when these pictures were taken.  In the pictures, you can see the flash of teal in Moonlight Night, the flash of purple in Later and flash of copper/gold + bits of shimmer in Family Crest.  These are gorgeous colors but if not applied wet, you can miss out on some really nice effects.

I should mention Later is a repromote from Alice + Olivia, but beautiful nonetheless.  I know I missed it the first time around and I'm glad I didn't this time!

The Family Crest (Dry/Wet), Later (Dry/Wet), Moonlight Night (Dry/Wet)
The Family Crest pigment

Later pigment

Alternative angle of Later pigment (last one wasn't the best)

Moonlight Night pigment

Moonlight Night, Later, The Family Crest
(Wet using homemade mixing medium)
Oh my GAWD can you stand the gorgeousness of these with the mixing medium?  And they're even more jaw-dropping in person IMO.