Thursday, December 30, 2010

Upcoming MAC Collections

Hey guys!

You may or may not remember but in my first Collections post, I had tips on how you can avoid a frazzled trip to a store frantically trying to remember what shades you wanted.  I've been working on my list for Peacocky and (although I had no plans of liking anything in this collection) MAC + Mickey Contractor.  I've already done my Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours but I noticed I didn't feel the need to use Excel this time around.  Maybe because I didn't get that many things from either collection.

Here is a screenshot from the rough draft I've created in Notepad.

I doubt any of you will have trouble following my list but here's the Key:

#1—the title of the collection and the release date. This is helpful so I can keep in mind my timeframe to get my funds together.
#2—product name with price
#3—the total cost of the shades within that particular product
#4—total cost of my collection picks

First I'll address what you guys probably all jumped on: I will NOT be buying $292.50 worth of eyeshadows.  As you may have guessed, I super LOVE Temptalia.  Christine is so awesome with her swatches and I love how detailed her descriptions are for shades, texture, wear etc.  That's where I go first for all MAC collection information.  So right now, she doesn't have swatches of the eye shadow available.  The only shadow swatches I've seen are for Odalisque and Mating Call.  Hence the *** next to them because I know from the swatches I want them.  Once swatches and reviews are available, I'll be going through the list and knocking off the ones I know I don't want.  Again, this is a first draft which will go through much editing before I purchase anything. 

As I mentioned above, I love Christine's descriptions of shades so I've gone to Temptalia for her descriptions of each color and shortened them a little bit for my own personal reference.  At the final draft of my "process" the descriptions will be removed as I've already decided which shades I want and I'll be much more familar with them.  Please note the descriptions I have now for Peacocky are the MAC descriptions, not Christine's while Mickey Contractor descriptions are in Christine's words.

  My next step would be to comb the internet for swatches, narrow my picks to the colors I really, really want/what I can really, really afford and ta-da!  I can call my nearest MAC counter, order and in a few days rolling in products!
Hope you guys find this helpful.