Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MAC Bloggers' Obsession

I first read about these on Temptalia and I thought this was a fantastic idea.  I’m happy that not only MAC thought to give out this opportunity to someone outside the company but I’m so happy for the bloggers that were chosen to contribute to the collection because that must have been a huge thrill!  I’d love to see more opportunities like this but only time will tell.

Onto the products and the photos!

Parisian Skies is a grayed blue. For some reason it reminds me of a cat's eye but not as bright or light blue as a Siamese.  The first photo I took was to show the flash of blue because if you look at it straight on, you won’t see the flash and it leans a bit grayer (or at least to me).

 Hocus Pocus is a smudgy, sooty, smoky gray-brown.  For some reason it reminds me of the chimney sweeps scene in Mary Poppins. 

Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle! is a warm medium brown with gold glitter.  Again, the picture of the product in the pan was shot at the angle to properly show how the glitter appears.  I would have thought the glitter would have been, well…glittery, but it’s smooth and not as big as regular glitter.  It’s as if shimmer and glitter had a baby and that’s what they put in this eye shadow.  I like the glitter isn’t too glittery.  It is noticeable once applied but not horribly so. 

Jealousy Wakes is an emerald green with subtle gold shimmer.  Being emerald it does lean blue but I noticed when playing with it depending how it’s blended and the colors used with it, the color can appear more of a true green without all the blue of an emerald green. 

I wanted to note the very first time I swatched these for the pictures below, I was a little concerned because the colors seemed to need a few extra swipes to fully show on my arm.  When I was swatching them during the video, I noticed they applied smoother and more pigmented.  I’m not sure the difference between photo day and video day but now that I’ve used them a bit more, I notice they are easier to work with.

Onto the lip glasses!
There were five shades total but I only bought two: Nitro:licious 2046 and Sonoran Rain.

Nitro:licious 2046 is a blue-based red.  When I first opened the tube and looked inside I immediately thought “Ooh, True Blood!”  On me this color is semi-opaque and delivers a nice shine that makes lips look luscious.  To me this is a gorgeously sexy color and I hope anyone who wears it rocks it like it deserves.  I also felt like comparing this to MAC Wicked Ways from Venomous Villains because I loved that red too but as you can see, they're really not alike.

Sonoran Rain is an orange-based red with red but most noticeably gold shimmer.  It’s semi-opaque on me but it still packs a great amount of color.  I love it for the color itself—it’s beautiful.   In the picture I’m obviously using flash so it comes out very orangey but in real life it’s redder. 

This is a limited edition collection available online only, however at the moment everything in the collection is sold out.  MAC is offering an email signup so you can be alerted when the products come back in stock.  You can sign up for that at MACCosmetics.