Monday, October 25, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Superslick Liner Review

I have to say I usually do not like liquid liners. They are so easy to mess up and smear into my crease when I open my eye too soon after applying that I honestly haven't bothered to use any in years. After seeing the quick view for Pure Show on Makeup Geek and the fantastically detailed swatches for Defiantly Feline, Signature Blue and Smoky Heir on Temptalia, I knew I had to try them if not only for the colors.

The MAC website claims the liners dry in 15 seconds—completely true! Quick drying time and the sponge cone tipped wand makes these easy enough even for me to use. Normally liquid liners have a horribly flimsy, thin brush that with an accidental flick of your hand will cause disaster. Not to say that won't happen, but I definitely feel I have a lot more control with the sturdier-by-comparison sponge applicator. I can also hold the wand at an angle as I line my upper lid so the line will go from fine to thick without having to go back over the same area five or six times like I would have to with a thin brush. Another great feature about this product: the water-resistance is awesome. I did a swatch on my hand when I was home on my lunch break, went back to the office and even after washing my hands several times throughout the day, the liner (Pure Show) refused to come off until the next morning when I noticed it had rubbed off from sleeping.

I have received Defiantly Feline—brown with almost a bronze tone, Signature Blue—a lovely deep blue that borders on navy and Pure Show which is gold with a metallic sheen. I ordered Smoky Heir which is a deep purple that dries slightly shiny but it is backordered so I'll be receiving it in a few weeks (I hope!). I'll also be ordering On the Hunt black shortly and I am a little tempted to go for the metallic silver shade Nocturnal and the lovely shimmery green liner Treat Me Nice.*

*Update: I received Smoky Heir and On the Hunt but I have not ordered Nocturnal or Treat Me Nice as of yet. But I still really want to!

Anyway…these are so great! I do not know how long these last (I’ll update the post when I run out of these or if they dry up suddenly) but so far I like them. I apply them to my upper lash line (after primer and usually eye shadow), I wait less than a minute and I’m good for the day. I notice if I rub them with a dry finger—I mean, really rub, the liner will break apart into little bits. I can remove these with my regular makeup remover despite it being water-resistant and so smudge-proof. All the liners I purchased dried to a shiny (opposed to matte) finish except for Pure Show which is more metallic.

Temptalia’s swatches of these are my favorite swatches.

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