Saturday, October 9, 2010

Veet Suprem’ Essence Spray on Hair Removal Cream Review

Total Project Time: 25 minutes

First thing I noticed during application was that it was more of a foam than a cream and one thing I was concerned about was getting an even application. The can says to press on the nozzle completely to ensure an EVEN (yes, it was stressed like that on can) application. I pressed the nozzle all the way down and used a continuous up and down motion. I used a moderate speed but I had to go over sparse areas for a second coat. I was sitting on a stool alternating between bending over while spraying and angling my leg up on my bathtub. When my feet were planted on the floor and I was bending over, I noticed the spray came out of the opening in a triangle shape and some of my tub and tile was very lightly coated with the foam. It was so slight the foam couldn’t be seen, only felt when I put my foot in the area. This product is seriously slippery—soap and body wash aren’t even this slippery! I tried wiping it up with a cotton towel but the product was just moved around. I realized quickly I’d have to use water and maybe even soap to get the slick film off my tub and bathroom floor. This may sound strange but during my six minutes, my skin kind of…hummed. It didn’t sting or tingle and it wasn’t painful or unpleasant. I don’t know if that’s normal with Veet or if I was just imagining it. If anyone uses this product, let me know if you felt something similar.

The can came with a wide wavy piece of plastic that was used to scrap the hair and the foam off the leg. This was easy enough to use however when I put my leg on the edge of my bathtub and used the scraper at a side angle, the foam flopped to one side of the scraper then slipped onto the area I was about to work on. Now I have two layers of foam stacked on each other. It was pretty messy. The other two depilatory creams I have used in the past had an actual cream texture with more structure so there was no flopping or slipping top of itself. After trouble with the removal while on the stool, I got into my shower/bathtub. It was a little difficult and awkward to remove the product with the water on. When I held the scraper under the water the foam slipped off onto the bathtub bottom making the bathtub extremely slick. If it weren’t for the handle bar the last owners of the house installed, I would have fallen several times. It took longer to remove the greasy film off my legs than the other depilatory creams I’ve tried. Then I had to let my shower run for several minutes afterwards to get the bathtub bottom foam free.

I noticed my skin felt particularly soft and smooth before I used my lotion. A few minutes after putting on my lotion, I noticed my right leg had a couple red bumps of irritation and was very mildly stinging. I used Nar Hair Remover Lotion a few weeks ago and I’m pretty sure my skin was a little stingy/tingly and slightly irritated right after. With Nair, this clears up by the next morning (and I tend to do this stuff pretty late at night. At the time I was getting into bed after using Veet, it was 2:30 am).

The next morning when I ran my hands down my legs, I definitely felt pricklies (which is unusual for me). Literally five days later I had noticeable hair regrowth on my legs. I was pretty disappointed with this because I know the product I usually use (Nair Hair Removal Lotion) can give me about 10 days or so before the hair on my legs are back to normal.

I will probably not be using VEET Spray on Hair Removal Cream again. Putting the product on can be messy. The can said to apply it while you’re in a shower stall or something but with the slippery-ness of the foam, anyone could easily fall. Second issue was the wavy plastic remover and the way the product flopped onto the next area I was about to remove. And the most important issue was the short timeframe I would have smooth legs.
Please note this was not sent for consideration. I bought this product with my own money and by my own choice. I’m always on the lookout for products that may work better and will always give my frank and honest opinion.